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Leave a Legacy

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Legacy Giving, also known as planned giving, is a simple yet powerful way to help our parks and programs flourish for years to come. By setting aside a part of your savings or property, you’re making a lasting promise to future generations that they’ll have beautiful, natural spaces to enjoy. This doesn’t just benefit our parks—it can also offer you some financial perks, like potential tax savings. More than anything, your gift is a meaningful gesture that shows your love for nature and your community. It’s about leaving a positive mark and ensuring that the joy and beauty of our parks live on for everyone to experience.

For more than one hundred years Des Moines has benefited from a legacy of park visionaries. Be a part of preserving that legacy by naming the Friends of Des Moines Parks as a beneficiary of your estate or trust. 

Connect With Us

If you’d like to discuss your planned giving options, please reach out to Sarah Lohmeier, Executive Director at 
515-770-4064 or

EIN: 42-1390788
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