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EK Davis Mural

The Des Moines Parks and Recreation Department will work with local artist and mentor Jill Wells to create a one-of-a-kind piece of art for the basketball courts at Evelyn K Davis Park as a court mural. The mural will be on the playing surfaces of the two renovated courts and the existing half-court. The project team will also work with the nationally known organization Project Backboard, which has vast international experience in implementing court murals. Public input will help shape the artwork to reflect the community's spirit and create something truly meaningful and unique!

Support This Project

The Friends of Des Moines Parks is a nonprofit 501c3 organization with a mission to preserve, protect, improve, and promote the use of Des Moines’ parks, greenways, and recreational programs for the benefit of all neighborhoods, residents, and visitors. The Des Moines Parks and Recreation Department is not responsible for replacing trees in the event that they are damaged due to normal wear and tear, natural disaster or vandalism. Please contact your tax professional to determine if your purchase is tax-deductible. 

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