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Bicycle Fix-It Stations

Purchasing trail fix-stations is a great way to help our City by enhancing community connections and safety through our trails.
Bicycle maintenance stations offer the complete package for quick fixes to bikes. Having these stations across the entire trail system helps enhance safety and enjoyment of the trails.

There are currently 12 stations already installed across the trail system, with 4 more in need of funding. 

Cost per Fix-It Station: $2,500

Support This Program

To find out how you can support this program, contact Sarah at (515) 770-4064 or

Location option(s) will be provided to the donor depending on location availability in the Parks and Recreation System.
The Des Moines Parks and Recreation Department is not responsible for replacing Fix-It Stations in the event that they are stolen, or damaged due to normal wear and tear, natural disaster or vandalism.

The Friends of Des Moines Parks is a nonprofit 501c3 organization with a mission to preserve, protect, improve, and promote the use of Des Moines’ parks, greenways, and recreational programs for the benefit of all neighborhoods, residents, and visitors. 

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